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Nintendo 3DS takes a dive

Okay, I lied. This next post isn't going to be about the feeder I built. It's going to be about the 3DS my wife recently decided to drop in the toilet. Don't ask, I have no idea why she though that was a good idea. Saturday  I was over at a friend's parent's house working on setting up a triple boot system for them on their laptop (Vista, Win7 and Mint 11). I may go into more details in a future post, most likely when I convert my primary desktop to a similar configuration.  I was finishing up the last bit of configuration in BURG when I received a text from my wife. [Do you think the rice thing works for waterlogged electronics?] My initial thought was that she had spilled a drink on her phone. After the initial What-The-Hell thought had passed I realized how silly that was considering she had just sent me a message from her phone. Knowing the only other electronic device she had with her was her 3DS I got as much details regarding the situation as pos

Block Dock - an easy to make iPod Dock

I constructed an iPod dock out of wooden blocks, a sync cable, a pocket knife, and some good ole' Gorilla Glue. This is the result: Block Dock I think it turned out pretty well. It certainly serves it's purpose and for only 30 minutes of work and the materials I had on hand, I can't complain. This project came about due to my annoyance with how difficult it is to unplug the iPod charge/sync cable when headphones are plugged in. I take the iPod with me to work so I can listen while I code * . With it being my job to create things that reduce effort and make things easier, I found it ridiculous that  I continued to ignore how bothersome this cable was to me. Having no desire to purchase one of the horribly overpriced sync/charging docks that are out there I decided to use my crafting skills to create one. I have a coffee mug on my desk full of those tiny, slightly less than 1", cubes from one of those wooden block puzzles that your twist around to form into

Let's get this started

If you can read this then I guess I've set up the DNS records and account settings correctly. This first post comes to you, as I'm sure many of them will, from my Android device. I hope to use this blog to help with keeping my myriad projects I have in line as well as to keep track of ideas for new projects I'd like to take on once I have some additional room on my plate. I'll keep this short so it doesn't burn through your attention span (and mine). ;p I like to build things, be them digital or physical. I like to consider myself on the path to becoming a great code ninja. Although I have been trained in the coding arts, as with any great skill, it takes time, effort, and much, much practice to hone those abilities. From time to time I'll take on a project that involves creating something tangible. Those projects are a little more varied than my digital ones. My current list contains items as strange as building a kayak and a couch. I'll wrap up thi