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Hackathons, Android Courses, and Catching up

Wow, what the hell? I look away for one second and I've already missed two posts? That's not a great start to the year... The Android class I'm teaching is  off to a great start though. So far we're 3 lessons in and have covered quite a bit. So far we've added new activities, created some helper classes, connected to a web service and pulled down data, as well as authenticated, created some settings we can save and load, set up a SQLite database, stored records to it, pulled them out, and then turned them into objects for us to see on the screen. We've adjusted the colors and properties of the items at run time and even created and utilized BroadcastReceivers, Services, and more. I'm impressed with what the class has absorbed so far, and what I've learned by preparing the class. I'm really enjoying it and the more Android development I do, the more I learn it's capable of, and the more I like doing it. In fact, our project for the hackathon I a

Ringing in the New Year, New Routine, New Glass

5 days into the new year and my first post of the year. If all goes according to plan, there should be at least 51 additional posts following by this time next year. Hopefully there will be a few more, but I'm learning to keep my goals modest. And speaking of goals, I am now officially 1/3rd through the "Newbie" workout on +LynxFit . I know I've spoken of LynxFit and the work  +Noble Ackerson  and the team at Byte An Atom (no G+ page?) have been doing, and I'm sure you're tired of it by now, so I'll make an effort to only mention it again at milestone markers. This marker being 10 consecutive days of exercise. That is by far a record for me. Up until this point I had kept to a workout routine for  perhaps 3-4 sessions, maybe a week or two before I had to miss a session for one reason or another and once that happened it was a never ending flood of "I can just make up this session tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, etc." With this workou