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Nintendo 3DS takes a dive

Okay, I lied. This next post isn't going to be about the feeder I built. It's going to be about the 3DS my wife recently decided to drop in the toilet. Don't ask, I have no idea why she though that was a good idea. Saturday  I was over at a friend's parent's house working on setting up a triple boot system for them on their laptop (Vista, Win7 and Mint 11). I may go into more details in a future post, most likely when I convert my primary desktop to a similar configuration.  I was finishing up the last bit of configuration in BURG when I received a text from my wife. [Do you think the rice thing works for waterlogged electronics?] My initial thought was that she had spilled a drink on her phone. After the initial What-The-Hell thought had passed I realized how silly that was considering she had just sent me a message from her phone. Knowing the only other electronic device she had with her was her 3DS I got as much details regarding the situation as pos

Block Dock - an easy to make iPod Dock

I constructed an iPod dock out of wooden blocks, a sync cable, a pocket knife, and some good ole' Gorilla Glue. This is the result: Block Dock I think it turned out pretty well. It certainly serves it's purpose and for only 30 minutes of work and the materials I had on hand, I can't complain. This project came about due to my annoyance with how difficult it is to unplug the iPod charge/sync cable when headphones are plugged in. I take the iPod with me to work so I can listen while I code * . With it being my job to create things that reduce effort and make things easier, I found it ridiculous that  I continued to ignore how bothersome this cable was to me. Having no desire to purchase one of the horribly overpriced sync/charging docks that are out there I decided to use my crafting skills to create one. I have a coffee mug on my desk full of those tiny, slightly less than 1", cubes from one of those wooden block puzzles that your twist around to form into