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Helpouts, Meetups, and the Mirror-Quickstart

Earlier this week I had my introductory interview with the Helpouts crew to verify the skills that I claim to have and to get an overall feel for how the system works and what to expect from a Helpout. I think the system will be very useful and I look forward to both providing Helpouts and utilizing them to learn new things. I asked if Helpouts would be able to utilize Glass, and at current it does not, but Helpouts hasn't launched yet, so anything can change. I received confirmation that my Helpouts listing has been approved yesterday and that it will be one of the first available when Helpouts goes live. They also said that they would be sending me a few invitation codes for friends and family to practice prior to the launch date, so if any one is interested in helping me practice or if you need any Tech assistance, let me know. Thursday I attended a meetup co-hosted by  +Antonio Zugaldia  of Silica Labs and  +GDG Washington DC . It was informative and interesting. Antonio c


#sohjsolwin Many people have a type of animal they find themselves drawn to, one that always grabs their attention. Whether they see it on the handle of an antique spoon, or on a billboard along the highway, it always makes them look and think "huh, cool". For some it's cats, others foxes, eagles, horses, ants; for me, it's dragonflies. Whenever I see an artists photo or painting of dragonflies I always stop to admire it. Whenever I see them floating in midair exactly where they want to be, I'm always amazed at how graceful and determined their movements are. They never seem to be blown around by the wind or interfered with in any way. They travel precisely where they mean to. My imagination always seems to fly off with them as well. This past weekend was a lazy one. I stayed home, browsed online some, played a few games, and watched The Office on Netflix. I accomplished nothing. On sunday afternoon I remembered receiving the invitation to set up a meeting w